The minimum age for each ride is given below:

Amateur Race – 18 years

Open Ride - 15 years

Green Ride - 12 years

This will depend on the ride category that you have signed up for and its allocated time as mentioned on the website. All participants need to be at the event venue 45 minutes before the commencement of their respective rides.

You can register online at www.pedaldelhi.com

The registration fees for each ride category is given below:

Amateur Race – ₹ 1,200

Open Ride – ₹ 1,000

Green Ride – Free

The criteria for taking part in the Amateur Race are:

The rider must be above the age of 18 years

The rider must be able to complete 27Km in a time of less than 1 hour and Thirty minutes.

If you cannot take part, you may find another cyclist to take your place for the event as long as the organizers are informed of this substitution in advance. Substitution is at the discretion of the Event Organizers.


Cycling shoes, shorts and jerseys are recommended for your safety and convenience, but you can wear what you like. Many dress up to make it a really fun day, but please take your own and other riders safety into account when dressing up in a costume. Please also note that this is a family event and clothing should be appropriate.


Helmets are compulsory. We will provide Helmets to all the participants.

Any traditional bicycle will do, so long as it is roadworthy. Only in the Amateur Race it is compulsory that you have either a MTB/ Hybrid bike or a ROAD bike, depending on the race category you have registered for.

Cycles will be made available at the Venue Rental Bays on the day of the event. Do note the rentals are subject to availability and will be at an additional cost.

Upon completion of the payment process, you would receive your unique number/ ticket/ sticker on the BiB itself to be presented at the Rental Bay on 5th November at the event venue.

Upon presenting the unique number/ ticket/ sticker, a cycle shall be issued to you only for the Race Day against a valid ID proof (Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License) that will be kept in our possession.

Only after returning the cycle at the Rental Bay, you would receive the ID proof back.

Note: Cycles will be made available on rent for only the Open Ride & Green Ride race categories

After you register online you will receive an e-mail confirming your entry. If you are unsure of your entry status you can e-mail us at info@pedaldelhi.com

Details of venue and Bib collection would be shared on email closer to the “Event Rider Pack” day, so please look out for emailers from the event.

Route map shall be available soon on the website – www.pedaldelhi.com

All involved roads will be closed for the duration of the event by the organizers and the respective authorities.

There is a sweep vehicle that follows the route. Move of the course and wait for the sweep vehicle or you can stop at any of the official pitstops.

If you are in an accident on the route, our medical team will attend to you. If you are able to, you can continue to the finish line or you can wait to be picked up by the sweep vehicle. If you are more seriously injured, you will be attended to by our paramedics and taken to the nearest hospital. It is therefore very important to ensure that your medical and emergency details are correctly updated and that you ride with your own bib number.

Your bicycle will be picked up by the sweeper vehicle and will be taken to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from where you can arrange for it to be taken back home.

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